Simon Maxwell - Interrogator  

"I try to pick the right tool for the job: 
sometimes simple questions work, other times drugs 
or psychology, and other times severe pain. 
I just go with what works."


Tough guy Simon Maxwell's military training gave him a variety of techniques to control a man and to extract information. Some subtle, some not. When he is hired to find the missing niece of the local mob boss, the tool is torture. 

The tables turn when Simon learns that the cold-blooded terrorist who captured and tortured him and his partner in Iraq is now loose in America. With the lives of his family hanging in the balance, Simon and his partner enlist an Israeli Mossad agent and the District Attorney to go head-to-head with the deadliest terrorist there is: one who has nothing to lose.

Production Team

Jack Spradling - Director

Jack Spradling is a life-long film buff and camera fanatic but it was as he neared retirement from the Fire Department that he returned to writing (completing three screenplays) and started a group for filmmakers doing short films. While practicing and refining his craft, he helped foster the creativity that would be in demand by other filmmakers needing a ready-made, experienced team. His first feature, "Emma," is now in post-production.

On the move since he was born in Chattanooga (he attended 9 schools and 4 colleges, saying he “majored in insubordination and debate”), his primary year-round transportation is a motorcycle. He has worked jobs that ranged from factory to office, landscaping to master photographer and, later, firefighter/paramedic, and EMS instructor. His main passions are his wife of 35 years Cheryl, his children and grandchildren, filmmaking, and motorcycles.

Cecil E. Davis, Jr. - Screenwriter, Producer

Cecil has been writing for years and, after "billions and billions" of rejections, decided to produce his own stories in, you guessed it, film. One of his short films, Trader Jack, won the Pow Wow film festival a few years ago. He was really moving along until he got side tracked by being deployed to Afghanistan. That took about 14 months or so out of his game plan but now he is back at filmmaking and hitting it hard again.  "I have had many jobs in my life but I must say I love making movies most of all. "

Mike Shrout - Original Score

An aspiring musician since attending the school of music in Tennessee, Mike had to leave early to defend his country after 9/11. He joined the Marines and spread his music by performing to people of all walks of life on many different continents worldwide. In 2004 he gained the tittle of "Djiboutian Idol" while in Eastern Africa during his cultural enlightenment. His entrancing music instantly captures and pulls listeners into his world, with a style that has a rootsy, blues, folk, rock feel. Mike is now a singer-songwriter around Atlanta. His first EP, Hammer Droppin' Judge, came out in 2011.

Heather Place - Casting Director

Heather has worked as a professional actress for over 20 years in theatre, film, television and as a voice-over artist. Place is a member of SAG-AFTRA and Book PALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools), a branch of the SAG Foundation. Some of Place's credits include the cult favorite, "Basketcase 3", and several award-winning independent films: "Muted", which won the Grand Audience Award at the 48 Hour Film Festival, "Winter's Tale", which won the Best Fantasy Short at Dragon Con and "We Three Kings", which won the Audience Award at the Down Stream Film Festival.

Heather is also a Board of Directors member of Falling Tree Films, an Atlanta-based production company. She is an Actor/Producer and Casting Director for FTF and has worked on several shorts and the Web Series, "Desperate Househusbands of Atlanta" with the company.

IMDb Profile

Jennifer Silvers Trimble - Special Effect, Make up

Matt Clanton - Firearms adviser, Fight choreographer

Matt is a former police officer, with years of tactical training after the academy, including 9 years in martial arts for Krav Maga (4 years), Haganah, and Keysi Fighting Method.